Homeopathy for INJURIES

Homeopathic Remedies & Homeopathy Treatment for Injuries like fracture, dislocation, bruise, ecchymoses, laceration, cuts, sprains & post-operative complications

#Arnica. [Arn] 
Arnica is our great vulnerary, and it is a well-established one in Homoeopathy. It suits particularly injuries to soft parts, such as accompany fractures, dislocations, bruises, ecchymoses, etc. Grauvogl recommended a few doses of Arnica 3 before and after every bloody operation,whether in the domain of surgery, ophthalmology or obstetrics. Indeed its value in obstetrical practice is hardly to be estimated; if given before and after delivery, it will almost infallibly prevent puerperal fever. It has a great power of delaying and preventing suppuration, and it is of special use after operations about the eyes, more particularly after cataract operation. It prevents extensions and mortification of carbuncle. It is of use in injuries of long standing. It prevents pyaemia. In concussion of the brain or spinal cord, in wrenches and haemorrhages from injuries it is our most useful remedy. It should also be given after fractures where the limbs start continually, as it corresponds to the sensitiveness. Its use in crushed finger applied according to the method of Bolle, which consists of wrapping up the finger in the pure tincture and practically sealing it, has been of great use. Von Grauvogl considered Arnica as a pyaemic prophylactic, and R.T. Cooper says that it exerts a specific effect upon septic poisoning. Aconite. Post-operative chills, surgical fever, chill after catheterization. Important to use after operation on the eye. Bellis perennis. Sprains and contusions. Railway spine. It has many symptoms similar to Arnica, but its field seems also to embrace somewhat that of Echinacea for it is an excellent remedy in boils, acne, etc.