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Homeopathy for Increasing Breast Milk

Homeopathy for Increasing Breast Milk

Agalactia: A condition in which milk is not secreted in the mother’s breasts after her child has been delivered.

Low milk production can occur due to nutritional deficiencies in mother or due to infrequent feeding.Yes, the more you feed your baby, the more breast milk you will produce. Mothers often worry about how to increase breast milk. Establishing a good milk supply in the beginning can make a difference in how long the relationship continues.

Pediatricians recommend that babies be breastfed for a minimum of one year while the World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months with continued breastfeeding up to two years and beyond. According to a recent study from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (USA), only 16.3 percent of babies are exclusively breastfed at six months, with 25.5 percent still receiving breast milk at 12 months.

Some reasons for low milk production include

  • not getting a good latch in the beginning
  • baby continuously falling asleep due to under stimulation or the medication the mother may be on
  • jaundice
  • premature babies that lack muscle tone
  • low thyroid
  • lack of nutrition or hydration

Healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids and ample water can help in increasing breast milk.


Homeopathic Medicines to Increase Breast Milk

#Pulsatilla [Puls]
This is usually the first remedy thought of in suppression of milk. The breasts are swollen and painful and the flow of milk is absent or scanty. The patient is apt to be depressed and tearful. When no cause is discernible for the non-appearance of milk, Urtica urens has been found useful, and if suppressed from a fit of anger Chamomilla is the remedy. Causticum, too, has been used successfully in rheumatic women to increase breast milk.

#Ricinus communis [Ric]
is also an excellent remedy given in the lower potencies for the non-appearance of milk or to increase breast milk. It also increases its flow in nursing women. Castor oil should never be given to prepare a woman for labor, nor for constipation in pregnancy at any time. Agnus castus is also a remedy for suppression of the milk where the patient is low-spirited.

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