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Homeopathy for NEURITIS

Homeopathy for NEURITIS

Neuritis is a complex process involving inflammation of the nerves, resulting in irritation that interferes with normal nerve function and the areas served. Specifically, it affects the peripheral nerves (those outside the brain, spinal cord, or central nervous system), blocking sensory and motor functions, with pronounced symptoms.

Homeopathic Remedies & Homeopathy Treatment for Neuritis

#Aconite. [Acon] 
In simple neuritis acute stage, caused by exposure to cold, Aconite is the only remedy needed when applied early. The numbness, coldness, tearing pains, nightly aggravation, with mental anguish, will indicate the remedy.

#Arnica. [Arn] 
This remedy seems to have a selective affinity in relieving terminal nerve pain and the soreness and bruisedness will be the indications. Many observers think it all sufficient in neuritis. It it fails some resort to Bellis perennis, which is very often curative with intense nerve pains and great soreness. O’Connor and Butler recommended it highly. It also suits, as well as Arnica, traumatic cases.

#Hypericum. [Hyp] 
Traumatic neuritis with sharp cutting pain, where nerves have been lacerated and the parts exceedingly sore.

#Rhus toxicodendron. [Rhus-t] 
In the traumatic occasionally, but more especially in the rheumatic variety is Rhus curative. It has tearing, drawing and shooting pains. Exposure neuritis –or that due to over exertion coupled with exposure finds in it a curative remedy. It also suits the gouty form. General Rhus symptoms such as amelioration by motion and aggravation from coldness and dampness will prevail. Elliott finds Ferrum phosphoricum and Kali muriaticum the best remedies in rheumatic neuritis.

#Cimicifuga. [Cimic] 
Alcoholic neuritis will frequently indicate this remedy. Ledum and Plumbum are also remedies for the alcoholic variety, and the latter is especially indicated in cases where atrophy appears, no matter what the variety.

#Arsenicum [Ars] 
is a powerful remedy in neuritis and its best field seems to be in multiple neuritis of a severe type, with the characteristic symptoms of burning worse at night and relief by heat. It will suit especially the broken down constitutions, anaemic conditions and irritability so often accompaniments of multiple neuritis. Phosphorus is also frequently indicated and employed in the multiple variety.

#Anantherum muriaticum [Anan]
Has cured root neuritis and Thallium should be studied here. Carburetum sulphuris has been used successfully in neuritis, especially in the sciatic variety.

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