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Homeopathy for PILES or Haemorrhoids

Piles are enlarged and engorged blood vessels (varicosities) in or around the anus. These may be associated with pain, bleeding, itching and feeling as if a lump or bump is hanging down.

Symptoms of Piles

The most common symptom of internal Piles is painless bright red blood covering the stool, on toilet paper, or in the toilet bowl. However, an internal pile may protrude through the anus outside the body, becoming irritated and painful. This is known as aprotruding pile.

Symptoms of external Piles may include painful swelling or a hard lump around the anus that results when a blood clot forms. This condition is known as a thrombosed external pile.

In addition, excessive straining, rubbing, or cleaning around the anus may cause irritation with bleeding and/or itching, which may produce a vicious cycle of symptoms. Draining mucus may also cause itching.

Causes of Piles:

It is a known fact that constipation and prolonged straining at stool are main causes of piles but there are some other important aspects too.

Low fibre diet causing small caliber stool and straining during defecation.
Sitting for prolonged period at closet.
Hypertension mainly in portal vein.
Sedentary life style.
Constipation as well as chronic diarrhea.
Pregnancy causes hypertension and increases strain during bowel movements.
Increased use of alcohol and caffeine.
Lack of erect posture.
Familial tendency.
Hepatic disease.
Ageing – weakened support structures.

Types of Piles:

1) External Piles –  occur outside of anal verge (distal end of anal canal)

2) Internal Piles –  occur inside the rectum.

 3) Prolapsed Piles – Internal Piles that are much distended and pushed outside anus.

 4) Strangulated Piles – If anal sphincter muscle goes into spasm and traps a prolapsed pile outside the anal opening and supply of blood is cut.                                 

Gradation of Piles-

Grade I – Piles project into the anal canal and often bleed but do not prolapse.

Grade II – Piles may protrude beyond the anal verge with straining or defecating but reduce spontaneously when straining ceases.

Grade III – Piles protrude spontaneously or with straining and require manual reduction.

Grade IV – Piles chronically prolapsed and cannot be reduced. They usually contain both internal and external components and may present malignancy.

Prevention of Piles

Drinking more fluids in routine.

Eating more dietary fibers.

Practicing better posture.

Reducing bowel movement strain and time.

Avoid wearing tight under clothes.

Washing the anus with cool water and soap may reduce swelling and increase blood supply for quick healing.


Using squat toilets may help.

Self-Care at Home

Hot sitz bath.

Stool softeners – but overuse of laxatives should be avoided.

Cold compresses or topical analgesics may be a bit helpful for temporary relief.

Improving posture and muscle tone.

Taking herbs and dietary supplements to strengthen vein walls.

Topical application of astringents and soothing agents (like honey and aloe Vera)

Drinking chamomile tea several times a day.

Eating fiber rich bulking agents like plantain to help create soft stool and to lessen irritation of existing Piles.

Butcher’s broom – extract or Ruscus aculeatus contains ruscogenins that have anti inflammatory and vaso-constrictor effects. It helps to tighten and strengthen veins. It has also been used traditionally to treat venous problems.

Horse chestnut – extract or Aesculus hippocastanum contains a saponin known as aescin that has anti inflammatory, anti edema and venotonic actions. It improves tone in vein walls.

Homeopathy Treatment & Homeopathic Remedies for Piles

Homeopathy treats the person as a whole. It means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. The homeopathic medicines are selected after a full individualizing examination and case-analysis, which includes the medical history of the patient, physical and mental constitution etc. A miasmatic tendency (predisposition/suceptability) is also often taken into account for the treatment of chronic conditions. The medicines given below indicate the therapeutic affinity but this is not a complete and definite guide to the treatment of this condition. None of these medicines should be taken without professional advice.


Reportorial rubric:

[Kent] RectumPiles

[Murphy] RectumPiles

[Murphy] DiseasesPiles

[Boericke] Abdomen, Piles (piles)

Homeopathic Remedies for Piles

AESC, ALOE, ARS, COLL, HAMM, MUR AC, NIT AC, NUX V, PAEN, RATH, SULAm carb,  bar c, fic, kali carb, podo, phos, carbo veg, mill, thuja.

Homeopathic Remedies for Piles

Aesculus hippocastanum – Painful, blind or protruding piles of purplish color which is very sore with aching, burning and itching and a sensation of sticks or splinters in the rectum, rarely bleeding. Hard dry stool passed with difficulty and followed by a feeling of prolapse of rectum. Bleeding gives relief. This remedy is especially suitable to the form of Piles arising from portal congestion, abdominal plethora. They may or may not bleed, but there is a feeling in the rectum as of splinters or sticks. This remedy actually produced many liver symptoms and Piles in the provers. Other indicating symptoms are aching in the lumbar region, protruding purple piles with severe pains in the sacrum and small of the back and fullness in the region of the liver. Dryness, burning and itching are good indications. Hughes prefers Nux vomica and Sulphur in Piles dependent on congestion of the portal system. Pulsatilla is one of the best remedies in Piles after Aesculus. Passive congestion and dyspeptic troubles are the keynotes; blind Piles. Piles that bleed easily. It acts best in the higher potencies (Dewey). Piles from chronic constipation may be cured with Aesculus.

Aloe socotrina – When he blood passes like water from hydrant, piles protrude like bunch of grapesBetter by cold water, flatus with faeces. Violent itching and burning in anus. Constantly putting finger in anus. Constant bearing down in anus; bleeding, soreness which gets relieved by cold water. Sense of insecurity in rectum when passing flatus. Lumpy, watery, jelly like stool. Piles protruding, very sore and tender. This is also a most useful haemorrhoidal remedy. It is indicated where the piles protrude like a bunch of grapes, bleeding often and profusely, and are greatly relieved by the application of cold water. There is a very marked burning in the anus the bowels feel as if scraped. There is a tendency to diarrhea, with the well-known uncertain feeling in the lower bowel. This tendency to diarrhea will distinguish from Collinsonia, which has the tendency to constipation. Ratanhia has burning in the anus, and protrusion of varices after a hard stool. The characteristics of this remedy are burning and fissure of the anus, great painfulness and sensitiveness of rectum (Capsicum).

Arsenic album – Burning pain and restlessness relieved by hot application. Piles burn like fireand skin around the anus gets excoriated. Painful spasmodic protrusion of rectum with severe tenesmus.Great exhaustion from least exertion with burning pains. Night aggravation of complains with restlessness and fear and fright.

Collinsonia – Piles with backache and obstinate constipation. Prolapse of rectum. Piles bleeding or blind and protruding. There may be obstinate constipation and diarrhea. But says that no remedy can equal Collinsonia in obstinate cases of Piles, which bleed almost incessantly, he recommends the tincture. It is of special use in females with inertia of the rectum and a congestive tendency to the pelvic organs. It suits pregnant women who suffer from piles, and pruritus may be a marked symptom. The indicating symptoms are chiefly asensation of sticks in the rectum, with constipation from inertia of the lower bowel. It is especially applicable to heart pains resulting from a suppression of a habitual pile flow. It is somewhat similar to Nux, but is a far more useful remedy.

Hammamelis – Painless bleeding followed by prostration which is out of all proportion to the blood lost. The blood is of dark color. There is anemia, breathlessness and weakness notwithstanding good appetite. Venous congestion and venous stasis are characteristics.Bruised soreness of affected parts. Passive hemorrhage from any part as piles.

Muriatic acid – Piles like bunch of grapes which look purple and burn when touched. Piles in children; protruding; reddish blue. Tendency to involuntary evacuation while urinating .Piles most sensitive to all touches, even sheet of toilet paper is painful. Anal itching and prolapsus ani while urinating. Piles during pregnancy, bluish, hot, with violent stitches.

Nitric acid – Piles that have ceased to bleed, but very painful and hanging down loosely with sharp pricking pains in rectum. Great straining while passing stool and Piles that bleed easily. Haemorrhages from bowels and violent cutting pains after stools lasting for an hour after stool. Severe burning and stinging. Rectum feels torn and severe fissures in rectum. Severe exhaustion and irritability after stools.

Nux-vomica – One of the main remedy for bleeding or non- bleeding piles to be given when there is burning pain and constipation with ineffectual desire. If the Piles be large and blind, with a burning, stinging and constricted feeling in the rectum and a bruised pain in the small of the back, and especially if excited by sedentary habits or abuse of stimulants, then Nux may be prescribed with confidence. Itching Piles keeping the sufferer awake at night, relieved by cold water, or bleeding piles with constant urging to stool, and a feeling as if the bowel would not empty itself are further indications. Great sensitiveness of the anus cannot make use of the softest toilet paper; the piles are so sore and sensitive that the slightest touch is unbreakable.

Paenoia – Piles with ulceration, the anus and surrounding parts are purple and covered with crusts, ulcers within the anus are very painful. The whole mucus membrane studded with ulcers and cracks. Biting, itching in anus that provokes scratching. Anal orifice swollen and burning in anus after stool then internal chilliness. Fistula ani with painful ulcers. Purple Piles covered with crusts and severe atrocious pains with and after each stool.

Ratanhia – The rectal symptoms are most important. Aching in rectum as if full of broken glass.Anus burns for hours after stool and feels constricted. Dry heat at anus with sudden knife like stitches. Stools must be forced with great effort and thus Piles too protrude out. Fissures of anus with great constriction and burning like fire. Piles too burn and get relieved by cold water.

Sulphur –This remedy corresponds to ailments producing Piles and to the troubles resulting from piles which have stopped bleeding, and as a result fullness in the head and uneasiness in the liver; constipation is present; a desire for stool and itching of the anus.Itching and burning of anus and piles dependent upon abdominal plethora. Frequent unsuccessful desire to go to closet. Stool hard, knotty and insufficient. Redness around anus with Piles oozing and belching.

Ammonium carb – Protrusion of piles after stools with long lasting pains cannot walk. Piles also protrude independent of stool. Burning and itching in anus which prevents sleep. Piles worse at the times of menses.

Kali carbonicum – Piles painful, burning like fire and bleed copiously. Great distension and swelling inside. Fistula of the anus. Burning temporarily relieved by sitting in cold water or by cold application.

Carbo veg. – Protruding piles, blue, even suppurating, offensive, swelling, burning in the rectum, oozing of fluid from rectum, flatulence; Itching, gnawing and burning in rectum.Soreness, moisture around anus at night. Discharge of blood with stool. White Piles with excoriation of anus.Bluish burning piles and paining after stool.

Millifolium – Hemorrhage from bowels. Bleeding Piles and stool as well as urine is bloody. Blood is bright red in color.

Ficus religiosa – Hemorrhage and Piles. Bloody Piles with bright red blood and pain, soreness, burning, itching and aching in rectum.

Phosphorus – Known for bleeding Piles and great weakness after stool. White, hard stool with discharge of blood from rectum each time with and after stool. Painless copious debilitating stools with very fetid stool as well as flatus. Green mucus with long, narrow, hard stool like a dog’s. Seems as if anus is open at all times. Blood from Piles is bright red in color and great debility co-exists.

Thuja – Piles swollen and painful while sitting with burning pains in anus. Anus is fissured and painful to touch with many painful warts. Constipation with violent rectal pains causing stool to recede. Distended, indurations in abdomen and chronic diarrhea.