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Homeopathy for PLEURODYNIA

Last modified on September 16th, 2017

Homeopathy for PLEURODYNIA

Pleurodynia is also called Bornholm Disease, viral (coxsackie B) epidemic disease with an incubation period of two to four days, marked by a brief fever, severe chest and lower back pain aggravated by deep breathing and movement, and a tendency to recur at intervals of a few days. The disease is usually self-limiting, terminating in complete recovery.

Homeopathic Remedies & Homeopathy Treatment for Pleurodynia

#Ranunculus bulbosus. [Ran-b] 
This remedy acts especially upon the chest walls, causing pain likes pleurodynia. Its symptoms are worse from change of weather. Hughes claims wonderful success with this remedy when the pain is so intense that the patient dare not move, and many others have verified this claim. It has also a left-sided infra-mammary pain. **Aconite may be found useful if the attack has been brought on by exposure to a dry, cold wind fever is present.

This remedy is also praised by Hughes in pleurodynia which is worse on the right side, especially if hysterical or due to uterine troubles. It also has a left-sided pain below the mammary gland. There is usually accompanying it a sense of faintness at the pit of the stomach.

#Arnica [Arn] 
is especially the remedy for pleurodynia or rheumatic pleurisy from over-exertion. The chest feels bruised, the pain is increased by motion and still more by pressure. **Rhus radicans has pleurodynia with pains shooting into the shoulder. **Gaultheria is suitable to pleurodynia, where the pain is located in the anterior mediastinum. **Guaiacum. According to Farrington this remedy rarely fails in pleurodynia with tuberculosis.

#Bryonia. [Bry] 
Here the pains are stitching and tearing, aggravated by motion and expiration. They are diminished by lying on the affected side, thereby differing from **Nux vomica,as with this remedy the patient cannot lie on the painful side. **Bryonia is especially useful in the rheumatic diathesis.

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