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Homeopathy for Vitiligo

Last modified on September 1st, 2018

Homeopathy for Vitiligo. Discussion on causes, types, diagnosis of vitiligo. Homeopathy treatment for vitiligo.

Vitiligo, also known as leucoderma, is a relatively common skin disorder, in which white spots or patches appear on the skin. These spots are caused by destruction or weakening of the pigment cells in those areas, resulting in the pigment being destroyed or no longer produced.

In most cases, vitiligo is believed to be an autoimmune-related disorder. In vitiligo, only the colour of the skin is affected but texture and other skin qualities remain normal. The hair may also turn white that grows in areas affected by vitiligo.

It occurs when the melanocytes, cells responsible for skin pigmentation, die or are unable to function. The precise cause of vitiligo is complex and not fully understood.

There is some evidence suggesting it is caused by a combination of auto-immune,genetic, and environmental factors.

Causes of Vitiligo

  • Exact cause is not known.
  • Auto-immune attack
  • Patients having other autoimmune diseases like hyperthyroidism, alopecia areata etc are more prone to have vitiligo.
  • Genetic predisposition is common.
  • Age: onset between 10-30 years.

Clinical features of Vitiligo

ONSETvitiligo pathology. Homeopathy for vitiligo.

  • Insidious.


  • The loss of skin pigmentation is particularly noticeable around body orifices, such as the mouth, eyes, nostrils, genitalia and umbilicus.


  • Start as white localised macules.
  • Rounded, well defined at onset.
  • Adjacent lesions coalesce.
  • As they increase in size, become irregular.
  • Spread to involve greater parts of the body.
  • Depigmented lesion is surrounded by area of apparent hyper pigmentation.
  • No sensory loss in lesion.
  • Every little trauma heals with depigmentation.
  • Lesions are hypersensitive to sunlight.

Types of Vitiligo

There are two types of vitiligo on the basis of distribution of lesions

  • Segmental – Vitiligo affects only one side of the body and lesions do not expand with time.
  • Non-segmental – Hypo pigmented lesions of vitiligo affects both sides of body without any specific demarcation. Lesions expend with time.

Diagnosis of Vitiligo

Clinical diagnosis is sufficient to make a diagnosis but should be differentiate with other similar skin disease

Other conditions with similar symptoms include the following:

  • Pityriasis alba
  • Tuberculoid leprosy
  • Postinflammatory hypopigmentation
  • Tinea versicolor
  • Albinism
  • Piebaldism
  • Primary adrenal insufficiency

Conventional treatment for Vitiligo

There is no cure for vitiligo but steroids and the combination of ultraviolet light in combination with creams can help.


  • Reassurance
  • Treat associated disorder.
  • If iatrogenic, identify & withdraw offending agent.
  • Avoid physical trauma.
  • Adequate mental rest.
  • Improve general health.

Homeopathy treatment for Vitiligo

Homeopathy treats the person as a whole. It means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. The homeopathic medicines for vitiligo are selected after a full individualizing examination and case-analysis, which includes the medical history of the patient, physical and mental constitution etc. A miasmatic tendency (predisposition/susceptibility) is also often taken into account for the treatment of chronic conditions. The homeopathic remedies for vitiligo given below indicate the therapeutic affinity but this is not a complete and definite guide to the treatment of this condition. The symptoms listed against each medicine may not be directly related to this disease because in homeopathy general symptoms and constitutional indications are also taken into account for selecting a homeopathic remedy for vitiligo. To study any of the following remedies in more detail, please visit our Materia Medica section. None of these homeopathic medicine for vitiligo should be taken without professional advice.

Homeopathic Remedies for Vitiligo


  • Ars.alb.
  • Ars.sulph.flavum.
  • Bacillinum.
  • Graphites.
  • Merc sol.
  • Nat.mur.
  • Nit.acid.
  • Nux vom.
  • Phos.
  • Sep.
  • Sil.
  • Sulph.
  • Thuja.


  • Leucoderma
  • Needle pricks from within outwards in chest and also on forehead, right side. Sticking behind ear.
  • Difficult respiration.
  • Skin chafed about genitals.
  • Sciatica and pain around the knee.

Merc sol.

  • Vitiligo.
  • Moist skin, dry skin contra-indicate merc sol.
  • There is history of dysentery with mucus & blood. Jaundice with liver enlargement.
  • These patients are worst at night with salivation & have a syphilitic miasm.
  • They perspire in bed & do not tolerate too hot or too cold climate.
  • Nervous affections after suppressed discharges especially in psoric patients. Glandular and scrofulous affections of children.

Nitric Acid

  • Homeopathic remedy for vitiligo where white spots are found at the muco-cutaneus junction. More at the angle of the mouth, eyes, nose, nipples, glans penis, vulva, etc.
  • Along with it, there may be fissure at the same spot.
  • In some of the patients along with this there is a desire for eating chalk, pencils, etc., particularly in children.


  • Best acted in females.
  • Beside the usual white discolouration, these patients have irregular menses either early or late, scanty & painful menses in young girls.
  • Leucorrhoea, prurites, dysparunia, & frigidity is noted.
  • Most of the patients complain of morning sickness along with motion sickness, nausea, vomiting or headache travelling in a car or bus.
  • These patients are not social, they prefer to be alone.
  • Adapted to persons of dark hair, rigid fiber, but mild and easy decomposition.


  • There is a history of suppression of skin diseases or any other suppression like suppressed diarrhea, dysentery, jaundice, typhoid & in tropics many other fevers.
  • There is heat in the palms, soles, eyes, anus, vulva, vagina & on the top of the head.
  • Generally hot patient but could be chilly. Irritability & obstinacy is also noted.
  • Dry, scaly, unhealthy; every little injury suppurates.
  • Itching, burning; worse scratching and washing. Skin affections after local medication.
  • Pruritus, especially from warmth, is evening, often recurs in spring-time, in damp weather.


  • Medicine for vitiligo where there is history of vaccination.
  • There is dreams of falling, startling in sleep, have warts on face or on the body, with loss of appetite after vaccination.
  • Fixed ideas: as if a strange person were at his side; as if soul and body were separated; as if a living animal were in abdomen; of being under the influence of a superior power.

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